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It's been nearly four years since the last one, but here's a new little Metalocalypse story:

Hindsightklok (PG) 
Fandom: Metalocalypse
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: Toki
Word Count: 449
Warnings: Brief drug reference, spoilers for season 4
Author's Notes: I've finally caught up with watching season 4. In retrospect, here's a different perspective on the season 1 episode Dethwater.
Summary: "It is the Young One. We must tell him everything."
New Spinal Tap story... Thought I'd give some of the other characters some screen time:

Chicken (15) 
Fandom: This Is Spinal Tap
Genre: Post PWP?
Characters/Pairings: Mick Shrimpton/Viv Savage
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Suggested adult themes
Author's Notes: A very short one - all I have time to write these days, sadly!
Summary: "I still can't believe you've never played Gay Chicken before."
I said I had something coming, didn't I? One new Spinal Tap story today:

Evoke (U)
Fandom: This Is Spinal Tap
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: David, mentions of Nigel
Word Count: 1838
Warnings: Maybe pre-slash, if your tastes are drawn that way.
Author's Notes: For the anonymous Dreamwidth reader who requested more Tap fic last week. Ask and you shall receive! I dug up inspiration for this from the 'random' section of
Summary: Despite spending the first two decades of his life in this little flat, it just doesn’t register in his memory as being the same place.
So, this update is about a year and a half overdue. Whoops! In September 2010 I left my LiveJournal account (for full details in rant format have a look at my LJ, but it basically comes down to changes to the site that I didn't want to put up with). My account is still there, but the stories are gone - each post has now been replaced with links to read my stories elsewhere. I won't be adding links on there for any new stories, so if you've bookmarked it I suggest you change it to my Dreamwidth page (or here, of course!).

Since then, I haven't actually written anything. Well, this isn't strictly true - I've written a lot, but it's all part of much bigger stories to come, and being a bit pedantic I won't post anything until I finish it. That's probably half the reason why this update is so overdue - I always intended to post this when I next posted a new story. The stories haven't come, so neither has this update!

So why should I update this now? A comment on my Dreamwidth page a few days ago surprised me a bit, as I didn't really think anyone was still reading since I left LiveJournal. So I popped over here to have a look, and noticed the Flag Counter on the left - and woah! The page count is about a million times what it was the last time I looked, or so it seems! (I can't decide whether it's because people are actually reading, or because I've been linked on a list of The Internet's Biggest Nutbars, but I'm hoping it's the first!)

So, for the few hundred visitors who've popped on here over the last year or so, there will be more coming sometime soon. I can't say how soon (Real Life is Boring), but I miss writing. I've got lots of unfinished stories saved, and a few new ideas buzzing around my head.

I'll give no promises for a timeframe, but watch this space!

- Loopy
Two recent updates today! Firstly, a new story (for a new fandom, Blackadder):
All Things Equal (U)
Fandom: Blackadder Goes Forth
Genre: Tragedy
Characters/Pairings: Kevin Darling, Edmund Blackadder
Word Count: 905
Warnings: No major warnings, but it's a sad one.
Summary: It's funny how the things one holds has important can change in little more than the blink of an eye.

Secondly, I've set up a Dreamwidth account! It will probably mirror my LiveJournal account, but if any readers here use Dreamwidth, feel free to add me (that goes for LiveJournal, too).

My Dreamwidth page can be found at
I've made a quick update to the site, and added the feed from my LiveJournal into the 'LiveJournal' page on this site (which you can reach on the left-hand sidebar). This shows short snippets of my five most recent posts on LiveJournal.

Generally, I update both this site and my LJ with new stories at the same time, but I occasionally post updates on LJ which I don't post on here - so, you can see if I've made new LJ updates without having to leave this site. I've never used this feature before, so if it all goes wrong or if it's completely pointless and horrible to use, let me know!

- Loopy
New story uploaded today, for the brand spanking new fandom of Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) - a bit of a rare one, I'll admit! For those few who are familiar with the programmes, it's the original 1969 version. I did quite like the 2000 remake, but I'll always be much more fond of the original!
Connected (18)
Fandom: Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)
Genre: Romance, paranormal (canon)
Characters/Pairings: Jeff Randall/Marty Hopkirk
Word Count: 3069
Warnings: Slash, adult content
Summary: Marty considers his connection to Jeff.

Version two of this site is launched! All of the stories that were previously on the original Geocities version are uploaded, as below:

Don't Tell Me Truth Hurts (U)
(Originally uploaded 8th July 2007)


A Dreadful Meeting (15)
(Originally uploaded 22nd August 2007)

Laid Bare (18)
(Originally uploaded 14th September 2008)

A Lot To Learn (PG)
The Dawn Of The Light (PG)
Billion Dollar Babies (PG)
The Gambler (PG)
The Stories You Tell (PG)
(Originally uploaded 27th September 2008)

Just Older (PG)
(Originally uploaded 7th July 2009)

Alive (U)
(Originally uploaded 12th November 2009)

Patience (U)
Counterpoint (U)
Before The Storm (18)
Unpopular (15)
Out Of The Closet (U)
(Originally uploaded 16th November 2009)

Extreme Makeover: Mordhaus Edition (PG)
(Originally uploaded 19th November 2009)

This Is Spinal Tap:

Revelations (15)
(Originally uploaded 12th July 2007)

Gold (12)
Originally uploaded 19th March 2008)

Tough Times (U)
Communication (U)
Going Mad (15)
Junior (U)
Something To Cling To (U)
(Originally uploaded 29th March 2008)

Curtains (PG)
(Originally uploaded 20th May 2008)

On The Road (PG)
(Originally uploaded 27th June 2009)

Control (18)
(Originally uploaded 29th June 2009)

Waste Not, Want Not (PG)
(Originally uploaded 16th August 2009)

Private Lives (U)
Fools (PG)
Speak Clearly (PG)
Sacrifice (U)
Message (U)
(Originally uploaded 30th August 2009)

Velvet (U)
(Originally uploaded 18th September 2009)