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So, this update is about a year and a half overdue. Whoops! In September 2010 I left my LiveJournal account (for full details in rant format have a look at my LJ, but it basically comes down to changes to the site that I didn't want to put up with). My account is still there, but the stories are gone - each post has now been replaced with links to read my stories elsewhere. I won't be adding links on there for any new stories, so if you've bookmarked it I suggest you change it to my Dreamwidth page (or here, of course!).

Since then, I haven't actually written anything. Well, this isn't strictly true - I've written a lot, but it's all part of much bigger stories to come, and being a bit pedantic I won't post anything until I finish it. That's probably half the reason why this update is so overdue - I always intended to post this when I next posted a new story. The stories haven't come, so neither has this update!

So why should I update this now? A comment on my Dreamwidth page a few days ago surprised me a bit, as I didn't really think anyone was still reading since I left LiveJournal. So I popped over here to have a look, and noticed the Flag Counter on the left - and woah! The page count is about a million times what it was the last time I looked, or so it seems! (I can't decide whether it's because people are actually reading, or because I've been linked on a list of The Internet's Biggest Nutbars, but I'm hoping it's the first!)

So, for the few hundred visitors who've popped on here over the last year or so, there will be more coming sometime soon. I can't say how soon (Real Life is Boring), but I miss writing. I've got lots of unfinished stories saved, and a few new ideas buzzing around my head.

I'll give no promises for a timeframe, but watch this space!

- Loopy

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