Lupinity's Fiction Archive

Version two of this site is launched! All of the stories that were previously on the original Geocities version are uploaded, as below:

Don't Tell Me Truth Hurts (U)
(Originally uploaded 8th July 2007)


A Dreadful Meeting (15)
(Originally uploaded 22nd August 2007)

Laid Bare (18)
(Originally uploaded 14th September 2008)

A Lot To Learn (PG)
The Dawn Of The Light (PG)
Billion Dollar Babies (PG)
The Gambler (PG)
The Stories You Tell (PG)
(Originally uploaded 27th September 2008)

Just Older (PG)
(Originally uploaded 7th July 2009)

Alive (U)
(Originally uploaded 12th November 2009)

Patience (U)
Counterpoint (U)
Before The Storm (18)
Unpopular (15)
Out Of The Closet (U)
(Originally uploaded 16th November 2009)

Extreme Makeover: Mordhaus Edition (PG)
(Originally uploaded 19th November 2009)

This Is Spinal Tap:

Revelations (15)
(Originally uploaded 12th July 2007)

Gold (12)
Originally uploaded 19th March 2008)

Tough Times (U)
Communication (U)
Going Mad (15)
Junior (U)
Something To Cling To (U)
(Originally uploaded 29th March 2008)

Curtains (PG)
(Originally uploaded 20th May 2008)

On The Road (PG)
(Originally uploaded 27th June 2009)

Control (18)
(Originally uploaded 29th June 2009)

Waste Not, Want Not (PG)
(Originally uploaded 16th August 2009)

Private Lives (U)
Fools (PG)
Speak Clearly (PG)
Sacrifice (U)
Message (U)
(Originally uploaded 30th August 2009)

Velvet (U)
(Originally uploaded 18th September 2009)

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